What is the Best Metal Card Available in the UK?

What is the Best Metal Card Available in the UK?


It wasn’t easy to get metal debit or credit cards until recently. In 1999, American Express launched the first ever metal debit card. This card was seen as a luxury status symbol for many, representing a high end of the market meaning anyone who got this metal debit card needed to spend a lot using the card.

In recent times, Apple also launched a credit card made of titanium. This card isn’t available outside the US yet so if you’re in the UK, what do you do? If you want a metal debit card for yourself, then there are a few options you can consider.

Which Banks in the UK Provide Metal Cards? 

There are three UK banks from where you can get metal cards from. They include current accounts at Revolut, Monzo, as well as Curve. But what are the costs associated with getting such a card? Do they look good? And how can you get one?

Why People in the UK Are Wanting Metal Cards 

Metal cards are seen as fashionable at the moment. They look as well as feel amazing. Metal cards have designs that are sleeker as well as more elegant. They tend to feel better than plastic cards do. Metal cards are also more environmentally friendly. Metal cards are also more durable, and last longer than plastic cards.

Which UK Metal Debit Card Looks the Best? 

There are a lot of people who go for a metal card based on the look of that card. Keeping this in mind, let’s assess what the available metal cards look like.


What is the Best Metal Card Available in the UK?

The metal card from Monzo is made using stainless steel. It’s weight is around 16 gms. The card looks completely white, and the design is kept minimal as well. You’ll online find the logo of Monzo on your card. In addition to this, there will also be the Mastercard logo as well. Finally, the chip of your card will also be visible. Your personal details, such as your name as well as your card number, will be printed on the back of your card, in black.


What is the Best Metal Card Available in the UK?

The metal card from Revolut is made using a reinforced steel sheet. It’s weight is around 18 gms. Revolut has opted for a design that is elegant. Only the Revolut logo as well as the Mastercard logo will be visible on the face of the card. You also get to choose between five different color options. These include pink, black, gold, space gray, and gray.


What is the Best Metal Card Available in the UK?

The metal card from Curve is made using stainless steel. The weight of this card is around 18 gms. The colors available to you include Rose Gold, Blue Steel, as well as Curve Red. The design Curve opted for is minimal, even when compared to the other metal debit cards. You’ll only find the logo from Curve in the cards center.


What is the Best Metal Card Available in the UK?

The N26 Metal card is more than just a payment method; it’s a statement of sophistication and smart financial management. Whether it’s the right choice for you depends on your personal spending habits, your appreciation for luxury, and your ability to leverage the benefits it offers. For those who value both form and function in their financial tools, the N26 Metal card could very well be the perfect addition to their wallet, blending the practicality of a debit card with the perks of a premium lifestyle.

What Are The Costs Associated With These Metal Debit & Credit Cards? 

For your metal card from Monzo, you’ll be spending around £15 every month. For the Revolut metal card, you’ll be spending around £12.99 every month. Finally, if you opt for the metal card from Curve, then you’ll be paying £14.99 every month.

The metal card from Monzo is offered alongside their Premium accounts. This card has a minimum term of six months. Your metal card from Monzo will be a debit card where the payment provider is Mastercard. You can pay with your Monzo debit card within the UK for free. It’s free abroad as well. Cash withdrawal is free within the UK as well as the EU. There is a maximum limit however, of £600 for thirty days. A 3% fee is charged if your withdrawal is higher than this.

The metal card from Revolut is available on their Revolut Metal tier. This is a debit card which uses Mastercard. You can pay using your Revolut metal card for free both in the UK as well as abroad. Withdrawals are free across the works. There’s a maximum limit of £800 every month if you withdraw more, then a 2% fee can be charged.

If you want to get the metal card from Curve, then you need to be in their premium tier. This is also a debit card using Mastercard. If you’re a resident of the UK, then you can pay with this card for free when paying using GBP. There are ten ATM withdrawals every month that are free. Following this, you’ll be charged around £0.50. If you want to use your card outside the UK, then up to £600 pounds will be free. After this you’ll either be charged £2 or 2%, depending on which amount is higher

Is a Metal Debit Card Worth It?

Whether a metal debit card is worth it depends on your personal preferences and financial situation. Yes, the above metal debit cards come with premium benefits like enhanced security, extended warranties, travel perks, and exclusive offers but they also come with higher annual fees.

Consider factors such as the card’s benefits, your usage patterns, the fees associated with the card, and whether you’ll actually utilise the perks it offers. If the benefits outweigh the costs and align with your lifestyle, a metal debit card could be worth considering. Just make sure to compare it with other options available and choose the one that suits your needs best.

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