YourPret Barista: Pret's Coffee Subscription Explained

YourPret Barista: Pret’s Coffee Subscription Explained


With footfall on the high street down across the country the clever marketing people over at Pret a Manger have come up with YourPret Barista – a new subscription service for your coffee needs for just £20 a month.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting a YourPret subscription:

The YourPret Barista subscription explained

Sign up and enter your payment details on the Pret website and you’ll be emailed a special QR code voucher for the month that you need to have scanned at the till each time you order – so don’t lose it!

You’ll be able to order your fill each day as part of the scheme. YourPret isn’t technically unlimited, but as you’re able to order up to five hot drinks every single day – even the most hardcore coffee drinkers should be kept happy (and caffeinated!).

One sneaky caveat – you’re only allowed to order a new hot drink every 30 minutes – our assumption here is that this is designed to make sure you don’t buy one subscription and share it across multiple people. (Fingers crossed Netflix never catches on to this… Am I right?!)

What you can order with a YourPret subscription?

Seeing as this is sold as a coffee subscription it shouldn’t surprise you that you can’t get any food as part of your subscription fee but it does extend beyond a basic cup of Joe.

There’s a simple rule of thumb: if a drink is prepared by a barista you should be fine to order hassle-free.

That means that drinks like teas, hot chocolates and frappes are all fair game but forget trying to get a cold drink like a Coke or water from the fridge.

How much does YourPret Barista cost?

So the subscription costs £20 a month but signing up online on the Pret a Manger Website will score you the first month free. A “month” is set by the day you start, so if you sign up on the 1st of September, your ongoing subscription begins on the 1st too.

Luckily there’s no minimum subscription term, so you aren’t tied into a long-term contract and can cancel at any time.

Are there any YourPret Barista voucher codes?

Well… no. At least not really – As we mentioned above, when you sign up for the YourPret Barista subscription, you get 1 month free. That means for the first 31 days of your subscription, you can get 5 drinks a day for free. Who needs a voucher code eh?

Is YourPret Barista value for money?

Prices at different cafes vary, but most of the Pret coffees are priced at around £2.50 – just ordering one cup of coffee every day will burn a hefty £75 a month in your pocket which makes a £20 monthly fee a no-brainer.

For those caffeine addicts who can max out the allowed 5 cups of coffee a day, you’re in even more luck. YourPret Barista saves you a significant amount of money each month – to the tune of £355 after your fee. Not bad!

For those of us with more normal appetites, just 2 cups of coffee a week will be enough to break even so if you drink at least those minimums, and someone who can or will do that at a Pret, then it seems like a really good deal.

The only major downside is that you’re going to have to get all of your hot beverage needs at Pret to get this value which may not always be possible, convenient or desirable – especially if you like to usually support local independent cafes.

Still, with the first month free you have nothing to lose. Give it a try and it works for you.

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