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Compare Supermarket Prices

Comparing prices across all the major superstores is easy with Trolley.co.uk.

Comparing over 130,000 products and 7,000 brands from hundreds of UK shops and supermarkets. A perfect substitute for MySupermarket – Trolley allows you to compare everyday items on our comparison website. We provide all the latest prices from your favorite supermarkets, including promotional offers and multi-buy deals.

Simply enter the product you are interested in comparing and Trolly will show you the cheapest supermarket that stocks it near you.

Choose from your favourite Supermarket

If you have a preferred supermarket, select this supermarket in the menu or leave it blank to be shown products available across all major supermarkets. 

You will be able to automatically compare product prices and find the best price for your shopping list at your preferred supermarket, or show you how much you can save to shop elsewhere.