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Supermarket Christmas Delivery Slots 2023: When Can You Book?


Christmas is almost here, and that means it’s time to get everything ready, including our yummy food. But did you know that getting your groceries delivered on time can be a bit tricky during this busy season? Lots of people are trying to get their food delivered too! So, it’s super important to know how to make sure your food arrives when you want it.

In this helpful guide, we’ll talk about how to make sure you get your food from the shops on time for Christmas. We’ll talk about why it’s so important and give you some great tips on how to make it happen. Let’s dive in and make sure this Christmas is the best one yet!

When Can I Book Supermarket Christmas Delivery Slots for Xmas 2023?

The Christmas season is just around the corner, and it’s time to start planning for those delicious festive meals. But hold on! Getting your groceries delivered during this busy time requires some quick thinking. Let’s take a look at the key details for securing your Christmas delivery slot from various supermarkets:

Sainsbury’s Christmas Delivery Slots

Sainsbury’s Delivery Pass Customers have been able to book slots since Monday 16 October, while general booking opens from Monday 23 October. Click and Collect opens on 20 November.

Tesco Christmas Delivery Slots

Anytime Delivery Saver customers can book their slots from Tuesday 7 November at 6 am. Slots for pay-as-you-go and off-peak customers will open on Tuesday 21 November at 6 am.

Asda Christmas Delivery Slots

Asda customers can now book their Christmas grocery delivery and click-and-collect slots with a minimum online spend of £40 for delivery and £25 for click-and-collect. Christmas Eve deliveries will open for booking on Monday 20 December.

For fresh turkey orders, remember to add it to your basket before Thursday 14 December and book a slot between Thursday 21 December and Saturday 23 December.

Morrisons Christmas Delivery Slots

Morrisons Delivery Pass customers can book deliveries from 20 to 24 December with a minimum spend of £25. Non-Delivery Pass holders can book from Wednesday 25 October.

Ocado Christmas Delivery Slots

Smart Pass customers have already received notifications for booking their Christmas deliveries. If you don’t have a Smart Pass, you’ll have to wait for the general release, which can get snapped up quickly.

Slots booked for 20-24 December require a minimum spend of £90.

Waitrose Christmas Delivery Slots

Waitrose has opened delivery booking for all customers, with Christmas delivery slots available from Wednesday 20 December to Sunday 24 December.

M&S Foodhall Christmas Click-and-Collect Slots

M&S Foodhall doesn’t provide a home delivery option, but it has opened its click-and-collect service for Christmas shoppers.

Slots for December 22, 23, and 24 are available, though availability may vary based on your store location. When booking your slot, M&S requires a £50 deposit, with the remaining payment due when you collect your order.

Our Christmas Delivery Slot Tips

The Christmas season brings a big hustle and bustle as families everywhere are prepping for their special feasts and merry gatherings. As everyone’s getting ready, more and more people want their food delivered right to their door, just like you! But guess what? Many other families are doing the same thing, making it a super busy time for both the stores and the delivery folks.

If we take a look back at what happened in the past, we noticed that more and more people were using the internet to order their Christmas groceries. That means lots of people are trying to get their food delivered, which can sometimes make it really tricky to get the delivery time you really want. It’s like when you’re in a big race and everyone’s trying to reach the finish line at the same time! So take heed of our top tips for making it all run smoothly:

  • It’s really important to be super quick and act fast to make sure you secure your delivery slot on time. If you wait too long, it might be all booked up, and then you might have to wait longer or even miss out on getting your groceries when you want them.
  • There’s always a risk with delivery and collection orders that they won’t have what you want in stock so get it delivered early for anything you know is essential. That’ll help avoid those last-minute dashes to the shops for the cranberry sauce!
  • Don’t be afraid to pop some of your fresh food in the freezer – that can help you buy it earlier and avoid the rush. Just be careful about what can and can’t be frozen safely.
  • If you can, try and bag your shopping through a cashback site like Quidco or TopCashback; you might as well save a few quid while you’re ordering the feast of the year.
  • Take a scan of the cheapest places to bag your Xmas dinner – some supermarkets have deals or offers that can make swapping shops worth it. Have a peek at our supermarket prices page for more info.

With everyone racing to secure their slots, it’s essential to be on your toes and act fast before they’re all gone. Make sure to mark these important dates in your calendar and get ready to secure your perfect Christmas delivery slot!

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