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Pet insurance policies cover veterinary treatments and medical expenses when your animal gets sick or injured. The policies range in price, coverage, and exclusions depending on the breed, policy needs and insurer.

The more comprehensive pet insurance policies cover:

  • Costs associated with losing a pet through theft, as well as third-party liability - when a pet damages or harms another person or property.
  • Costs associated with dental procedures.

It's recommended that you microchip your pet as it offers many benefits to owners and animals, potentially including a premium reduction. Microchipping isn't just for dogs - cats, ferrets and other small mammals can have it done, too.

If you own one of the types of dog specified in the Dangerous Dogs Act you must take out third party liability insurance, but it's not typically possible to take out additional pet insurance cover for banned breeds.

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Find out more about the different types of policies in our guides, where you’ll also find the answers to frequently asked questions.

Our guides offer more information on critical areas such as vet fees, cover for older pets, third party liability, co-insurance, dental cover, kennel and cattery fees, previous medical conditions, foreign and holiday cover, pedigree breeds, accidental damage, alternative therapies, cremation costs, excesses and missing pet cover.

You’ll find dedicated pages for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens, plus pages on particular animals such as snakes, rabbits and tortoises.

There’s also plenty to read on subjects like buying and owning pets, travelling with them, microchipping, vaccinations, and great small animals for young kids, plus lots of money-saving tips.

Pet Insurance FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions - Pet Insurance

Do I really need pet insurance?

Pets are often seen as part of the family, so making sure they're covered with pet insurance in case they become sick or have an accident can be a good idea. CockatooPolicies can also provide cover should your pet die, become lost or stolen, attack a third party or damage property.

Are all pet insurance policies the same?

No, there are four main types of policies for pet insurance - accident only, time limited, maximum benefit and lifetime - and each individual product will have its own terms and conditions. Choose the right one for you based on your pet's needs and how much you're willing to pay, remembering that if you choose a short-term option it may prove more difficult and expensive to arrange cover as your pet gets older and/or its health problems increase.

What's co-insurance?

Policies may include a co-insurance element, whereby if you make a claim you'll be charged a percentage of the remaining vet fees after the excess has been deducted.

Does my pet's age matter?

Just like people - Premiums are likely to be higher for older animals, but generally there should be cover available for all ages. Cover for kittens and puppies tends to start at the age of six-to-eight weeks.

Are pedigree animals more expensive to insure?

As they have a higher value and are more likely to be stolen, pedigree animals generally will be more expensive to insure. Due to their breeding they also tend to be more vulnerable to genetic complaints.

Will property be covered if my pet damages it?

Pet insurers tend not to insure against accidental damage in the policyholder's home, largely because pets are temperamental and it's difficult for underwriters to assess how well an animal has been trained. Many policies will cover the cost of damage caused to another person's property up to a specified amount, but watch out for exclusions - there are often a lot of them.

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