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How Does a Car Allowance Work In the UK and Is It Worth It?


In the UK, a car allowance is seen as a kind of cash benefit that the employer could choose to provide to their employee. Usually, an employer could provide a car allowance instead of providing a car scheme from the company. Your employment contract should let you know what the amount that will be paid out for the car allowance will be. This amount is usually provided every month, in addition to the salary. Some employers also choose to provide their employees with an annual car allowance, meaning that it’s provided once a year instead of every month.

What You Should Know About A Company Car Allowance

It doesn’t matter whether you can drive or not. Provided that the car you own is not owned by the company, your employer can provide you with a car allowance. This is seen as a kind of benefit that’s provided by the company. Regardless of whether you already own your car, are leasing it, or are intending to buy one, the amount you’ll receive for your allowance will be the same.

There are certain added benefits to getting a car allowance. This provides you with freedom when it comes to choosing which car you want to drive. This is instead of using a car that’s provided for by the company. You need to have a thorough understanding of how much you’ll need to spend on your car. This will differ based on the car you want to drive. You could have a standard business scheme. You could also be provided with a salary scheme that is more innovative, such as a salary sacrifice. More commonly, you’ll be provided with a cash allowance. What your car allowance is could depend on whether you get any other benefits or not.

It’s not required that you spend your full allowance on your vehicle. If you find yourself driving a private car for business purposes, then you’ll be responsible for its maintenance. This means you’ll need to provide for any repairs to it, sort out your own breakdown cover, as well as ensure that the car is insured. It’s perfectly fine for you to use only a portion of the amount your receive as your car allowance, on your car. The rest, you can use for your personal expenses.

Is There Tax Associated With A Car Allowance?

In the UK, a car allowance is seen as a benefit. This means that it will be taxed. The rate applied on the car allowance can be the same as that which is applied to your income tax. Getting a car allowance is seen as a good benefit. Consider what you’ll be receiving when it comes to your take-home income. This is as your car allowance has the potential to lead you to a higher income bracket. This means a higher tax bracket as well.

What you actually receive after accounting for taxes could end up being a lot less than what the value is of a car from the company. As always your personal circumstances can vary so do your own thorough research before making any financial decisions.

Mileage Allowance and Car Allowance

Even if your employer provides a car allowance to you, you could still find yourself eligible for Mileage Allowance Payments. Even if this is the case, you would still need to take responsibility for the expenses associated with your car. But the mileage for your business could be reimbursed to you, with the help of MAP. It can be paid by the employer on a month-to-month basis.

The business mileage of your car is what your MAP will be based on. The costs that are likely to be covered include:

Frequently Asked Questions Associated With Company Car Allowances

How will you receive your car allowance?

Your car allowance is included in the payment provided every month, by your employer. Before you agree to receive a car allowance, consider finding out what your employer intends to provide you with. Consider also the tax that you’ll need to pay, and whether it affects your income bracket or not.

What’s the difference between car allowance and mileage allowance?

Your car allowance can be seen as a benefit if financial. It’s paid for maintaining and using your vehicle, and for trips that are related to your work. That’s why it’s added to your salary. There is also tax that you need to account for.

Mileage allowance on the other hand is not taxed. You’ll get coverage for costs associated with fuel, as well as wear and tear. This is for costs associated with business trips in your personal car.

It’s not uncommon for employers to provide a car allowance. Use this guide to learn all about what they are. At the end of the day, it is worth it to get a car allowance, as a lot of your daily expenses associated with your car will be covered.

But if it affects your income bracket, then you need to consider what you’ll lose through tax as well.

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