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Chauffeur Insurance

A chauffeur and limo insurance policy provides a level of insurance coverage for your vehicle, your passengers and yourself to keep your business rolling.

The chauffeur traditionally wears a dark suit and tie, boots, hat, and gloves, and is polite and discreet. Passengers can expect that these professionals will courteously open doors for them, assist with luggage loading and unloading, and undergo additional driver training. They use limousines or executive-type vehicles and charge by credit card or account. They do not have a base office and a radio, and only accept pre-booked jobs.

What is Chauffeur Insurance?

Chauffeur insurance is created specifically for the protection of drivers of luxury vehicles that are used to transport passengers who expect high levels of service.

It’s a good idea to check out chauffeur insurance policies designed specifically for drivers who transport passengers on a contract basis in vehicles that are more valuable than average, so your business isn’t negatively affected by changing your vehicle at an unaffordable price.

Why do I need chauffeur insurance?

Operating an executive hire vehicle on a daily basis as an owner driver is costly, which is why providing your business with comprehensive and competitive chauffeur insurance is essential. Without the proper coverage, the costs of replacing a high-priced executive vehicle might badly hurt your business. Many taxi and chauffeur companies choose to protect their vehicles through a chauffeur insurer because of the guarantee of a fully licensed replacement vehicle.

Many chauffeur businesses, such as wedding limos, corporate travel, airport pickups, and corporate car rental, use executive vehicles like Mercedes, BMWs, and Bentleys. Thus, getting the right insurance policy is imperative.

Being protected is essential for anyone driving a vehicle. Having comprehensive coverage becomes even more critical when driving a high-value executive vehicle. Unless your executive hire or chauffeur vehicle is covered by specific insurance, it won’t be fully protected for potential collisions or accidents. After purchasing a policy, drivers and their passengers can rest assured they will remain safe while making pickups and drops offs.

Taxi Insurance FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need private or public hire insurance?

In a black cab or purpose-built taxi, you’ll need to purchase public hire insurance if you’re picking up customers from the street.

A private hire policy only covers appointments made in advance from a selected pickup point, such as airport pickups or minicabs.

Am I covered for social use via my chauffeur insurance policy?

If your policy covers this, yes. It's best to double check your policy before doing so.

It might not be possible for your partner to drive your vehicle if that person isn't also a taxi driver.

The reason for this is that some licensing authorities will not permit people without a taxi licence to drive a vehicle registered for private or public hire, even if the vehicle is solely for social purposes.

Do I need a comprehensive chauffeur insurance policy?

A comprehensive insurance policy will reimburse you for the market value of your vehicle. The amount you receive depends on how often you drive.

You might be able to replace your vehicle with something similar to what it was when you bought it if you have a gap insurance policy taken out before you rack up all those business miles.

How do I cancel my taxi insurance?

In this case, there may be an administrative fee and a cost to your policy if you wish to cancel.

If you think it will be likely that you will be changing or canceling your policy mid-term, it's a good idea to find out whether you'll have to pay any admin fees before you sign up to the coverage.