Daily Mail Rewards Club: Free Nectar Points

Daily Mail Rewards Club: Free Nectar Points


Every day, daily mail readers can earn free Nectar Points with the Daily Mail Rewards Club. 

Using Mail Rewards to collect Nectar points has been available since August 2017. It’s one of the best ways to accumulate points every week.

Find out how the reward program works and how you can maximize the benefits.

What is the Daily Mail Rewards Club and how does it work?

There are unique numbers printed on the bottom of your Mail newspaper that allow you to earn Nectar points every day!

It is possible to earn up to 250 Nectar points per month, which can quickly add up over the year.

How do I get my Nectar points from MyMail?

It’s simple – grab your code and go to the MyMail website to enter your unique number.

Look at the back page of the paper, where a date and code are printed at the bottom right corner. That long 12-digit code is the Daily Mail Reward Club unique number that you must enter every day on MyMail.

There are different ways to earn Nectar points, depending on how you get the Daily Mail.

Earning Points for Reading Newspapers

If you’ve joined the MyMail Online Rewards Club and connected it with your Nectar Account, you’re on your way to accumulating points for newspapers. This loyalty program offers great advantages for regular readers, with points piling up swiftly and rewards becoming easily noticeable.

Earning rewards through the MyMail Online Rewards Club is a straightforward process. The last page of the newspaper holds a unique 12-digit number that grants you points.

To benefit from this system, input the provided code on the corresponding page of your MyMail account. By doing so, the rewards will be transferred to your Nectar card.

Daily Mail Rewards Club

Rewards for Different Subscriber Types

Ultimate or Premium Pack Subscribers

Subscribers to the Ultimate or Premium Pack enjoy 5 Nectar points for each distinct 12-digit number, available from Monday to Sunday.

The Mail+ Subscribers

The Mail+ subscription doesn’t feature unique numbers. Instead, subscribers receive 150 Nectar points each month. This accrual continues until the 21st of the following month as long as your subscription remains active.

For details on the new subscription plans for The Mail+, visit www.mailsubscriptions.co.uk.

Rewards for Non-Subscribers

Non-subscribers also have a chance to earn Nectar points. Simply input your unique number to receive 5 Nectar points from Monday to Friday.

Calculating Your MyMail Nectar Points Rewards

Let’s delve into calculating the potential earnings from purchasing Daily Mail newspapers.

Weekly Points Calculation

If you’re an avid reader and buy the newspaper every day, you could accumulate 80 Nectar points per week:

  • 1 Daily Mail newspaper (weekday) = 5 Nectar points. 5×5=25 Nectar points per week.
  • 1 Daily Mail newspaper (Saturday) = 10 Nectar points.
  • 1 Mail on Sunday newspaper = 15 Nectar points.
  • Buying 5 newspapers or more in a week grants an additional 30 Nectar points.

Monthly and Yearly Points

Your monthly earnings could range from 260 to 350 points, depending on the number of days in the month. Over the course of a year, you could amass more than 3,500 points, equivalent to £17.50 if used for purchases.

This might not seem substantial, but considering you already buy newspapers daily, it’s a commendable reward.

The standout feature of the MyMail loyalty scheme is that Daily Mail points have no expiration date. You can redeem them in any quantity you wish, allowing you to save them for special occasions like Christmas, rather than spending them immediately.

However, it’s important to note that if your Daily Mail account remains inactive for over twelve months, it will be closed, and your accumulated points will be forfeited.

Here’s the value of Nectar points:

  • 50 Nectar points = £0.25
  • 100 Nectar points = 50p
  • 200 Nectar points = £1.00
  • 300 Nectar points = £1.50
  • 1000 Nectar points = £5.00

Please remember that ‘Newspapers’ specifically refers to the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, their supplementary editions, and magazines. Note that newspapers bought abroad (including the Republic of Ireland) and unpaid copies are not included in the rewards scheme.

How do I spend my Daily Mail Nectar points?

Whenever you get a Mail reward, it will get credited to your Nectar balance along with any loyalty points you collect. You can use them as you normally would. We’d always recommend downloading the Nectar Card app (iOS/Android) so you can see your balance building up.

In addition, MyMail offers several ways to spend points directly, including the current offer where 1,000 points can be redeemed for a £5 M&S gift card in-store or online.

Adding Nectar points to your Daily Mail Rewards Club account is a great way to boost your reward balance but remember – don’t go out of your way to buy a paper just for this offer. Chances are your Nectar points aren’t worth the cost of a Daily Mail newspaper 7 times a week.

don’t have a Nectar card. How do I get one?

There are three super simple ways to sign up for a Nectar card.

  1. 1: Join online: Just complete the registration form online at Nectar.com and they will send you a shiner new card through the post. Usually, your Nectar card will be with you within 14 days.
  2. Join in-store at Sainsburys (and some others): The next time you’re in a Sainsbury’s store, simply pick up a registration pack from the tills or customer service desk, fill it in and post it off. This is the fastest route as you can swipe your card straight away and start collecting Nectar points on day 1.
  3. Join via the app: Download the free Nectar app and follow the simple instructions to order a card. The app also allows you to use a digital version which you can store in your Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet. Handy for those that forget to swipe a physical card!

How do I make the most of my Nectar points?

Well, there are a few hacks but the most interesting is Quidco.

By purchasing your goodies through the site; most (but not all) Nectar-eligible websites will offer cashback on top of your purchase which means a double whammy of savings!

What’s more – signup with our special MoneyRaters offer link and get £5 into your account after you’ve earned £5 in cashback. Win-Win!

Exploring More Benefits with MyMail

Discover additional perks beyond just earning Nectar points through MyMail:

Exclusive Offers and Discounts

Enjoy special treats like free coffee at select places and get 20% off vouchers for your favorite stores. You can also take part in exciting competitions.

The MyMail Shop

Check out the MyMail Shop for great deals on various things:

  • Get stuff for your home and garden.
  • Relax with comfortable sofas and recliners.
  • Add some greenery with plants.
  • Sleep well with beds and mattresses.
  • Enjoy reading with a selection of books.

Some of these things are mentioned in the newspaper. So, if you find something you like while reading and having your tea, you might find it in the shop. Plus, for every pound you spend at the Mail Shop, you’ll get 2 Nectar points.

Is It Worth Joining Mail Rewards?

Wondering if it’s a good idea to join Mail Rewards? If you like getting good deals, entering contests, or collecting Nectar points, then yes, especially if you’re a regular Daily Mail reader.

And if you don’t want to use your points at Sainsbury’s, you have other choices too. For example:

  • Swap points for movies at the Sky Store.
  • Use 500 points for £2.50 on eBay.
  • You can get 500 points for £2.50 at Vue.
  • Exchange 500 points for £2.50 at Argos.

Remember, there are many ways to earn Nectar points beyond the Daily Mail Rewards program. You can link your card to eBay and ASOS for extra points while shopping there. And don’t forget, big stores like Sainsbury’s and Esso also accept the Nectar card.

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