Switchcraft Review

Switchcraft is an energy auto-switching energy service that searches the market for a better deal than the one you are currently on and automatically switch you when a saving can be made

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In this Switchcraft review, we take a look at an in-depth analysis of their services, and the savings that can be made with their energy auto-switching service and let you know if it’s a good choice for you.

Energy auto-switching websites are designed to provide peace of mind to customers by making sure they are continuously on the best energy tariff for them.

Switchcraft is one of these energy auto-switching websites in the UK which has achieved reasonable success within a short period and has recently expanded to Broadband too. Founded in 2017 by Andrew Long Aiming, Switchcraft’s mission is to find a fair deal on the household energy bill for everyone. 

When you sign up, Switchcraft will search the market for a better energy deal than the one you are currently on; continuing to scan a big chunk of the market for the best deal for you every year and automatically switch you to a new provider when savings can be made. Not only does this keep customers away from high-rate standard tariffs (SVRs) but also does so with no need for manual intervention.

You simply need your email, address and postcode to get started on the Switchcraft website. Switchcraft will then assess your current provider, tariff and energy usage.
Switchcraft will then show you the top deals available to you – at this point, it is worth checking against comparison websites to see if you could be getting a better deal elsewhere.
Once you decide to switch, you will need to add more details about yourself, your home and your bank details if you have a credit meter.
That’s where your effort ends – from here Switchcraft’s team take over and processes the energy switch from beginning to end for you, and will continue to search the market for you.
Switched will keep you updated by SMS or email throughout the switching process, so you will know once the initial switch has been completed and will let you know once they have found you a better deal for future switches too.


On their website, Switchcraft states that they save customers £268 on an average tariff switch.


There are several decent Switchcraft alternatives out there which are worth taking a look at if you’re in the market for an energy auto-switching service:


Good for accessing the best energy deals & the best tech

  • Offers a Free service (restricted suppliers) or a paid-for service costing £1.99, £3.49 or £4.99 a month (depending on the service selected)
  • Access to all providers, so able to get the best deals
  • Slick website & advanced tech
  • Customer App

Look After My Bills

Good customer service & simple site

  • Free
  • Backed by Tej Lalvani and Jenny Campbell from Dragon’s Den
  • Not whole of market, so deals are limited
  • Very basic website


Free service & AI chatbot

  • Free
  • Not whole of market, so deals are limited
  • Instant messaging service via your Facebook account
  • Helps to save on other household bills including broadband and home insurance


Free app & simple service

  • Free
  • Not whole of market, so deals are limited
  • Option to switch to NetZero energy
  • Poor customer reviews


When we used the service we thought it was pretty good and professionally presented but looking at Trustpilot and other review sites it seems others haven’t enjoyed their experience with Switchcraft.

From our experience, the platform does appear very easy to use and offers customers some notable savings but it’s worth comparing to one of the energy comparison services to see if you’re actually getting a good deal.

It’s also worth considering if you would prefer to pay a fee to one of the other auto-switching services in order to see the whole market – we recommend taking a look at Switchd on that front where you can be more confident you’re getting the best deals.