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Airtime Rewards Review

Airtime rewards is a quick, easy and straightforward way to save on your mobile phone bill for making purchases you were going to make anyway. Perfect 10 in our opinion!

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A new cashback app saves you money on your mobile phone bill by tracking your shopping at many retailers, such as Argos, Boots, and Waitrose.

It’s called Airtime Rewards, and we are already a big fans but let’s dig into why in our Airtime Rewards Review!

Airtime Rewards is a simple mobile app that allows you to earn cashback from a list of specific stores just by linking up your Mastercard or Visa credit card to the app which can score you money off your phone bill as you spend.

The really nice thing about Airtime Rewards is you’re not required to do much to earn it – like click special links or go through a different website. It happens with minimal effort through your normal spending.

Setting up your Airtime Rewards account is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Register at least one Visa or Mastercard with the Airtime Rewards app on iOS and Android.

  2. Your credit card is registered with the app, so it keeps track of your spending. When you make a purchase at an eligible retailer, the cashback is added to your Airtime Rewards balance.

  3. When you reach a threshold (such as £5 or £10), you’ll need to go back into the app and choose an amount you wish to convert to mobile credit. This amount can be deducted from your monthly phone bill, or used as pay-as-you-go credit.

The cashback potential is technically unlimited, so if you’re planning a big purchase or you shop frequently at any of these stores – particularly if you buy all your groceries from Waitrose – you can see your cashback adding up very quickly.

Individual cashback amounts range from 1-10% across all retailers, the majority of which pay 5%. Though this is only a rough estimate based on what’s available now.

Airtime Rewards only works on major networks, strangely excluding Vodafone and smaller providers. Though some readers have reported that they have enabled their Tesco Mobile phone to work, so it’s worthwhile giving it a try regardless of your network provider.

Airtime Rewards offers new users the chance to add a promo code within the app to get additional rewards. Use our exclusive Airtime Rewards promo code “7KGAHJNQ” for an additional sign up bonus.

Airtime rewards is an absolute no-brainer. Getting paid for making purchases that you were going to make anyway is the holy grail of money saving – the challenge is to ensure you never spend purely for the cashback. 

Combining Airtime Rewards with other cashback providers is a great way to get more for your money!