Child car seat insurance

Child car seat insurance

In the event of an accident, car insurance may cover your child’s seat or booster. You can count on us to help you find a suitable cover.

Child seat insurance: what you need to know

Regardless of whether it appears to have been damaged, a car seat that’s been in an accident needs to be replaced. The impact of the accident might have made it less effective in the future.

If your vehicle is in an accident, car seat insurance cover will save you the cost of replacing the seat.

Is a child seat insurance cover included with all policies?

If you have car insurance, you should not assume that it automatically covers it.

All policies offer different levels of insurance coverage and many car insurance policies don’t cover the replacement cost of a child seat after an accident. You’ll need to make sure you have adequate car insurance coverage, especially if your car seat is expensive or customised.

Several policies also cover theft but verify that you are covered for your child seat being stolen from your locked car.

How to get car seat insurance

Even though some car insurance policies include car seat cover automatically, you may need to pay an extra fee to add it, or you may not have the option to add it.

Gender is not a factor in calculating car insurance rates, but some insurers still target their marketing and products at women – Children’s car seats are covered by some women’s car insurance policies, as well as handbags, among other targeted benefits.

It doesn’t matter if a policy is marketed toward women – these companies won’t stop men from taking out an insurance policy so it can pay to look at other brands you may not have been insured with previously to get the right deal for you.

Getting the right car seat cover for your child

To help parents and carers choose their motor insurance, here is a checklist:

  • Is the replacement of child car seats covered by your policy?
  • Can you replace more than one seat with your policy? If so, how many will be allowed?
  • Do you receive a replacement seat from your insurer or are you paid a lump sum?
  • Can you cover the cost of an equivalent seat with the cash sum?
  • If the seat is not visible damaged, will your insurer replace it?

Also, try to think about excess levels and whether a claim will affect your no-claims bonus.

Car insurance for child care providers

Keeping children safe in your vehicle is essential for childminders and other workers. You may require business car insurance if you do this work or if you transport children in your vehicle for a living

If you have children in your care, you should be prepared to be asked about insurance by their parents. Insuring child car seats and other children’s accessories could save you money in the long run.

Child seats and car rentals

You may have to pay a higher fee if you need to rent a car that includes a car seat. You may want to bring your own seat, rent one from somewhere other than a car rental company, or even buy one at your travel destination to use during your trip.

Our top tips for car seat insurance

  • Your car insurance may not cover child seats as standard. Don’t assume you’re covered!
  • Make sure your policy covers you for exactly what you need. Have 2 car seats that you want fully covered? – go get it!
  • If your no-claims bonus is affected by theft, check whether it is covered by your insurance policy
  • Adding extra coverage or paying a higher excess might be necessary if you want to claim
  • Even if the seat doesn’t show any signs of damage, it should be replaced after an accident