4x4 insurance

4×4 Car Insurance for Off-Road Vehicles

When looking for 4×4 insurance, no matter what your vehicle is – a vintage off-roader or a luxury Porsche Cayenne – the trick is to find the policy that is tailored to your vehicle.

Searching for 4×4 Insurance?

The 4×4 has its own distinctive character. Yes, they can cost more to tax, more to fuel and more to insure, but in the end, it is well worth it.

This guide will show you how to find the perfect 4×4 insurance for you and your off-road vehicle.

How to customize your 4×4 insurance based on your usage

A 4×4 is versatile and broad in appeal, so whether you use it for adventure or to do some work, it’s important to talk to your insurer about how you use it.

Your usage can affect the cost of your insurance cover, so look for an insurer who will tailor the policy to you.

  • Off-Roading – If you plan to drive off-road for the fun of it, or because it is necessary to your livelihood, you need to inform your insurer that you will be driving off-road.
  • Towing – When you purchase a car insurance policy, towing is usually covered by default, but you should confirm this if this is something you regularly do. Tow restrictions may apply according to weight, depending on when you received your driver’s license.
  • Green Laning – Green laning insurance coverage is necessary if you enjoy exploring unsurfaced, unclassified country roads or enjoy driving to places others can’t reach.
  • Temporary Use – Depending on the owner’s insurance policy, you can typically borrow a 4×4 for 1 – 28 days. Otherwise, if used only at weekends, contact your insurer about a limited mileage policy.
  • Foreign Use – Most insurance policies allow foreign use, but the type of cover would depend on your insurer. No matter if you’re off-road touring in South Africa, self-driving skiing in Austria or towing a caravan across Europe, it’s imperative to check your cover and sort out World or European breakdown recovery before you go.

If you’ll be doing green lane driving and off-roading, check if the policy covers it. If not, give it another look and see if you can save some money with these features removed. There’s no point paying for the extra risk on your profile if you’re only going to be cruising down the M1!

It’s also worth checking if you are eligible for other types of policy. For instance, the classic car sector offers affordable policies for 4x4s. If yours falls into this category, it’s worth talking to your insurer about a classic car policy.